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Message Subject Our president lives here, awesome
Poster Handle Wild Edibles
Post Content

Ain’t it cool ?
 Quoting: Wild Edibles

You are a contradiction Mr Wild Edibles. You support Trump but he has nothing to do with eating Wild Edibles..chuckle
 Quoting: TheRoadLessTravelled

Ya well he’s just the best.
 Quoting: Wild Edibles

Why is he the best and people like me are treated like shit? I've actually lived outside and done things close to your Wild Edible agenda. I'm treated like shit and Trump is worshipped

Trump hasn't had a hard day in his life. Silver spoon since day 1. Has anything he wants. Why would you worship him when he hasn't suffered a day in his life?
 Quoting: TheRoadLessTravelled

I don’t worship him. I just think he did a great job.
It don’t matter if he had it easy or hard. He gave up easy to try and make our country better and it was working until evil got the upper hand.
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