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How Bill Gates keeps his money..

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04/03/2021 01:33 AM
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How Bill Gates keeps his money..
Thought this was interesting.
But I’ll go back to the trusts and foundations, ’cause I really wanna get across something not about trust and foundations, but how the rich are using money in a way that you can’t comprehend because you look at everything that they’re doing through your own set of eyes and your own experience.

So, how many of you have heard of the Bill and Melinda Gates Family Foundation? Yeah, most of you. What did they do? Well the media was all over the fact that they gave one billion dollars away to charity. Did they? Well yes and no. See, when I say to you donate some money you think about handing out cash or writing a check out of your checking account. But that’s not the way that they do it.

So Bill Gates started Microsoft and that company became worth billions upon billions of dollars. But when you start a company, especially a corporation, you’re given stock in that company, and that stock is worth nothing ’cause your company’s worth nothing.

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