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The Fact is, Wars are Won or Lost in the Hearts and Minds of the People. My Thesis.

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04/08/2021 01:55 AM
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The Fact is, Wars are Won or Lost in the Hearts and Minds of the People. My Thesis.
China currently has the will and the way. America seems to have lost her way. China Controls the Hearts and Minds of it's citizens.

To Retaliate, the USA has adopted a similar strategy, the Left knows this is a World Changing Moment. They Must continue to push, and seize control, the Propaganda has to be in response to the China threat.

This of course is a failing strategy, because unlike China that has full control of it's citizens every decision, the USA only has partial control.

It used to be that Two Halves of a Whole could overcome. Now those Two Halves are divided by a layer of oil and don't ever meet in the middle. This is the Entire strategy in their quest for Global Domination. They are single minded in focus, hell everything is MADE in China, the USA could Cease to Exist and yes there would be a crash, but China would control the recovery at this point. China would effectively be the new Super Power.

And they did it all by Copying/Stealing the USA tech, and improving upon it. Literally Guerilla tactics. They stole our weapons and used them against us. We have none to blame but ourselves.

So at the Dawn of a new civilization, unless the USA decides to fight back single mindedly, I would like to say, it was fun, and I hope we can draw it out as long as possible. But very soon, Freedom is restricted, and Social Credit Scores will determine how far you can rise. There will be an end to original thought, all new technology will be invented by existing Corporations at the control of Politicians.

This is my Thesis on the eventual downfall of America.