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Message Subject My wife and I are separating....and the vaccine is a big deal
Poster Handle buster4445
Post Content
After 33 years....we are separating

It'snot the vaccine fault but it is part of it

We have had issues and we worked them out

This time....not working it out

My wife wants to take it so she can expand her work and make more money...I get that

I am self employed and everything I do is electronic....I get paid no matter what...I don't need social interaction

Wife says I am crazy and she is going to get the shot so she can make more money

I applaud that but......

no one knows the long term effects

33 years....down the fucking toilet
 Quoting: Manosteel

This just popped in my head. I missed it. Just what do you applaud friend? That she says you are crazy cause you won't take the shot,or that she is taking the shot shot for money? Those are things you applaud? I think I owe lovergirl an apology for being kinda rude at her(if I ever find her). Maybe you are a "nutbag"? Not saying that but...you seem a little mixed up. Listen at what you said. It sounds like it was in the toilet and just got "flushed". Would she stay if you took the shot? Sorry if I have offended you. No intention to do that. At any rate,I wish you well.
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