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Who's Authoritarian?


User ID: 3419642
United States
04/11/2021 01:45 PM
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Who's Authoritarian?
Stop pipeline construction--Authoritarian
Raise corporate taxes--Authoritarian
Covid-19 Passports--Authoritarian
Open the borders--Authoritarian
Reparations for blacks and illegals--Authoritarian
End fracking--Authoritarian
Override the Second Amendment--Authoritarian
Pack the Supreme Court--Authoritarian
Void the Electoral College--Authoritarian
Automatic citizenship for undocumented aliens--Authoritarian
Add a driving mileage tax--Authoritarian
Terminate construction of the Border Wall--Authoritarian
Set term limits for judges--Authoritarian
No voter ID--Authoritarian
Remove state control of elections--Authoritarian
Cancel culture--Authoritarian
Hi-tech and media censorship--Authoritarian
Reckless spending--Authoritarian
Debasement of the currency, inflation--Authoritarian
The New Green Deal--Authoritarian
Guaranteed basic income--Authoritarian
Medicare for all--Authoritarian
End the filibuster--Authoritarian
House reconciliation--Authoritarian
Just don't make anything up.