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Message Subject After Vaccination Health Anomalies Thread.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A good friend of mine got both shots. It’s not a vaccine technically.

The second shot knocked him on his ass for days. He’s never slept past 7 am his entire life. Now he can’t wake up before 10. Sometimes noon.

He has uncontrollable shaking.

Says he just doesn’t feel right and can’t explain it. He explained all his detailed symptoms to another friend of our who is a doctor and he said to go get checked for early Parkinson’s.

I know about 30 more people who’ve gotten both shots of the bio weapon. They all said it knocked them on their ass for days. Arm pain. Pain at the injection sight.

Hard to distinguish any mental changes because they were all pretty stupid to begin with.

All my non vaccinated and non mask wearing friends are perfectly fine and laughing.
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