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Message Subject Exhausted McDonald's employees leave message for customers at drive-thru: "We are short staffed. No one wants to work anymore."
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In my line of work we get paid pretty well and have amazing benefits. People show up to work then just don't work. Problem with that is it takes am act of congress to remove people from their positions here. I grew up with a mother who worked 2 to 3 jobs at a time. She didn't have a high school education so she could only get part time minimum wage jobs ( back then it was 5 something an hour or less). There are no standards anymore TPTB have inoculated the citizenry from a sense of pride, accomplishment, and hard work. They keep taking money from people who actually work and giving it to people who refuse to work. I have no problem supporting those who actually physically can't work. Take mentally handicapped people for example. I know of multiple businesses who employ disabled people. From simple assembly of items to custodial work. They make more money than burger flippers ever will. People claim an inability to work and ride the welfare system for generations. Those are the ones I don't want to support. Personal accountability is essential to building your America... Relying on someone to take care of you and your brood (cause you can't keep your legs closed long enough to find a MAN who respects you and is willing to provide financial stability through his own hard work.

None of this will change for the better, it's only been getting worse. Take a drive through the section 8 housing (during the day time) count the number of cars at houses also note the manufacturer and you can see expensive blinged out cars where they pay no rent. I used to work in the ghetto while I don't believe they put themselves in the ghetto I believe they are keeping themselves there.

I hope this post contained enough politically correct terms to not offend anyone but just incase it didn't Fuck you and your overly sensitive privileged asd with Mike Obamas dick.
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