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found a sad writing to self dated april 3rd 2007

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 321504
United States
12/17/2007 03:22 AM
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found a sad writing to self dated april 3rd 2007
I need less friends and more business partners. The love is dead in me. You can't write your own life like a story if you're preemptively discarding entire chapters for the sake of preserving a coauthor's interest in the book. Everyone looks dead to me. Their skeletones will crumble before they ever make a dent in their class boundaries. No one proves me wrong, not my tallest idols. Everyone is content to die in a similar pattern. I thought the goal was avoiding patterns at all costs. People will see the pattern, including supposed friends. They will get the upper hand. In the end, love is a tool used for domination, and the one who still is convinced there is 'love' in any relationship after a year is the one being dominated by the other. Someone always secretly gets the upper hand and becomes an unquestioned force of oppression over the former lover. Love is to a player what 9/11 is to neoconservatives. Why keep old writings? Your past is meant to be discarded, your past is your temporal feces. You eat food and you poop out feces; you live life and you poop out your past. You don't play in your poop, you flush it, you bury it. Protests are cute. Mating rituals at best; a public congregation of similar minds, all theory and no action. Go there and meet her. Tell her you have big plans. Make her fall in love with you. There is no love, there is only leverage.