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Message Subject I Showed My Family This Timeline Of COVID Related Events And It Blew Their Minds.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

"Let me put this another way. Human sex-trafficking exists. A black market for Adrenochrome exists. Satanism, witchcraft, ritual sex magic, and ritual human sacrifice all exist. And so does a dark, Occult and Lucifarian Mystery Religion that has lurked on the outskirts of human society for thousands of years. These are all intimately intertwined with one another and deeply embedded in global politics, economics, and the direction of global growth, and they reveal a network of corruption that is quietly working towards global domination but steadily coming into the light and revealing itself.

Truly I say to you these things are real. You and I both know it in our heart and soul. We feel them working in our world, corrupting the institutions of all nations, races and creeds. We see evidence of it everywhere. What you may not realize is that this small and hidden group currently consists of some of the most wealthy and/or well-known individuals in human history.

These are the Ass-Clowns. Together, they make up a dark or hidden society within our society that has existed at least since the time of ancient Babylon, and they’ve become known as the Mystery Schools, Mystery Babylon, or the Mystery Religion. This group of elite occultists believe wholeheartedly in a mysticism that teaches them to harness the negative aspects of esoteric energy through acts of ritual rape, torture, and human sacrifice, while outwardly they espouse a façade of virtue.

They believe this esoteric energy (think of it in terms of vibrational frequency) can be harvested through ritual in order to gain power and achieve global dominance, and suppress the ambition and will of the people. It does not matter to them if you believe their magic works. What matters is they believe it works. For as long as they believe rape, torture, and human sacrifice are viable means of gaining and maintaining power and control, they remain humanity’s most dangerous adversary."

(I liked this section near the end, because it's vital in understanding why people would be this evil, it's not just greed for monetary gain.)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78483594

It's perhaps the most vital in understanding what motivates the true leadership of this planet. Without understanding that power and control are the true motivations of the elite, one can never understand how evil could be a viable option.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78345658

The luster of riches only shines for so long. When man becomes so wealthy that he never has to work again and can't possibly spend his vast wealth in one lifetime, the desire for a new form of power consumes him.

The elite have become so financially powerful that they can never be toppled to ruin. Now they seek a new game.
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