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Message Subject SpaceX---NASA Mission To ISS Nearly Hit UFO, Crew Told 'Prepare For Crash'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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THE SPACEX starstip is reported to have had a near miss with a UFO - with astronauts on board told to buckle up and prepare for a crash, Nasa has revealed.

While en route to the International Space Station after a successful launch in Florida, the four crew members were notified they could soon collide with an unknown object.

There was no time to perform an avoidance manoeuvre and instead the astronauts on board SpaceX's recycled Crew Dragon capsule, the Endeavour, were told to put on their pressurized suits in case of a collision, reports Futurism.

"The NASA/SpaceX team was informed of the possible conjunction by US Space Command," Nasa spokesman Kelly Humphries said.

"The object being tracked is classified as ‘unknown'.

“The possibility of the conjunction came so close to the closest approach time that there wasn’t time to compute and execute a debris avoidance manoeuvre with confidence, so the SpaceX team elected to have the crew don their pressure suits out of an abundance of caution."

[link to www.the-sun.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Captain KC Jones

Wow! CGI is better than reality!
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