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Message Subject Q was just a spin off of this...
Poster Handle Red Hot Chilean Pepe
Post Content

I did and it was a waste of time..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 80305756

So you didn't see the similarities? I'm just trying to help the Q tards wake up to reality.
 Quoting: StellaWayten

Stella, I am absolutely in agreement with you that the 2012 thing you are basing your OP is where all the stuff that later became known as the Q originated (White hats included). But I also agree wholeheartedly that the whole stuff that you mention, and that begun to be peddled around 2011, has its roots and gathered a significant part of followers from the already existing NESARA BS, which was started in the late 1990s and developed during the early 2000s and from where the “military involvement to defend the people” myth arose.

So basically I am saying you are completely right, but the people that brings up the NESARA stuff is also right.
 Quoting: Red Hot Chilean Pepe

Then do you mind adding a link or two connecting the two together?
 Quoting: StellaWayten

I would love to, but this is not something that is in one link, or even in several, is something I observed in all my years following and studying conspiracy topics. The sites where you would find all this are long gone, there was one character called Sheldan Needle that was most prominent and he was known as the Dove of Oneness (which would have been the original anonymous leader of the stuff and had the ties with the military and the politicians pushing for NESARA) but was later outed as being just profiting of all the following that was gathered. I recall there were several “insider” call signs (as the Qs wwg1wwga) like “ork stew” (which allegedly meant that the evil was toast). If you go to the Wikipedia page of NESARA you will probably see some of the clues, but due to how much time has passed, most of this is already gone from being available online.
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