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Message Subject Day 12 of being fully vaxxed..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
your not very gracious in responding to those in your other threads. Only those you can shut down in their ignorance with you funny tard pics.

What happened here.


Love your wording there baiter boy...

The flu or corona, apparently tweaks your cells a little each time around. You would assume its your natural ability to modify a response to new pathogens. Creating antibodies that can be seen in your blood serum. Nothing to see here but a natural response.

You vaxed crew are now creating proteins in accordance to the mrna vaccine. They are forced into a production state synthetically to a pathogen signature based on a small sample of dna.

I hope for your sake the 700 odd base pairs they based the vaccine on is actually something your body does not want in it. The corona virus has about 40,000 base pairs in its structure and according to the inventor of the pcr test. A 700 base line could be anything and even be your own body cells immune response represented as exomes.

I.e you can take a sample of such small size, and just like the science says we are 99% a monkey genetically, but not a monkey, find a similar correlation with anything. Hence the grape fruit and papaya fruit testing positive to covid.

Everyone hates you man, i l;ike what you bring to the table. You seem to have enough time on your hands to research things. But God your an ignorant fool on your biases. Fears got you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 80291920

Just remember mate. This vaccine was modelled within 24hrs of a sample being taken from one 32yr old man who had flu like symptoms.

No isolation or full sample has ever been done. The computer took the largest fragment from the subject ( 700 agct pairs) and compared it to full samples in the database and concluded it was a corona virus.

That modelling was then sent to the rivalling vaccine groups as a base for the vaccine. Wow.

But your not an ignorant scardy phant.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 80291920

Seriously? Is that how they came up with this shit????
Anybody got any links I can read up on about this specifically? I didn't realize it was THAT lax.
 Quoting: PresidentElect BlueStateRebel

straight up. 100%. I studied biotechnology in the 90's and left due to the warfare as apposed to health care direction it was all going.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79018315
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