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Message Subject Day 12 of being fully vaxxed..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Caveat.

During testing the cycled the pcr test as high as they could to get a reading.

The inventor of the pcr test, who is an amazing scientist you should all like and follow, comes straight out against Fauci, calling him an incompetent shill using his test inaccurately for an agenda.

He says the range if you were to use it to test for a covid virus ( not that it should be used for that, his words not mine) is 27- 30.

The CDC has now revised the pcr standard the used initially to that figure.

SO all the false positives will disappear instantly in the new testing regime and all the new outbreaks from the experimental vaccine will go under the banner of a new strain.

i love you man, but god damn it you need a cold wet smelly fish slapped from side to side.
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