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Message Subject URGENT:::::::::::Why is a spy plane circling the site of the Arizona election audit?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

As bad as that sounds, it may be even worse. Conspiracy theorists have long-speculated aircrafts such as these have the capability of destroying or manipulating data on the ground through any device with an internet connection. If the Deep State was involved in stealing the 2020 election, as we have long believed to be true, then it would behoove them to throw monkey wrenches into as many aspects of this audit as possible.
 Quoting: WiscoSteve

If the auditors use simple calculators instead of the calculator app on their phone, then they can add up the tally sheet totals without ever going on the internet.

Counting votes is not computer science.
 Quoting: Pickle Lake

Last I checked, addition only requires a pencil and a paper if you're dumb, or a brain if you're not.
Come on people, they teach this in first grade.
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