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Message Subject “You’re a Murderer! You’re Always Gonna be a Mexican!” – Teacher Berates Latino Deputy, Launches Into Racist Tirade When
Poster Handle PresidentElect BlueStateRebel
Post Content
I have never had a Mexican, or even another type of Hispanic, yell insults at me on the street, attack or threaten me, rob me at knife point, attack my parents, or rob my apartment....I have had BLACK people do ALL of the above.

The racism of blacks is really shocking and I guess it's based on envy. But there's nothing that other groups have that blacks can't have....if they were only to have a better, less angry and hostile attitude, educate themselves, and work for it!

I don't think blacks HAVE to be at the bottom of society's barrel - I think most of them CHOOSE that by their attitude and behavior.
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