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Message Subject “You’re a Murderer! You’re Always Gonna be a Mexican!” – Teacher Berates Latino Deputy, Launches Into Racist Tirade When
Poster Handle PresidentElect BlueStateRebel
Post Content

Black privilege.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69468240

Black Privilege seems to be a thing. You can be lazy, collect welfare, have as many bastards as you want - the Govt pays for everything, go do drugs and drink, consistently have the highest crime rate in the country, attack other people with no charges or consequences, kill your own people, treat police officers like shit, burn down and loot buildings....AND YOU'RE THE VICTIM.

I'd call that a SHITLOAD of privilege.
 Quoting: PresidentElect BlueStateRebel

There's more whites on welfare, idiot. Just say you've a tiny dick.
 Quoting: Hoodilluminati322


Idiots like this douch-nozzle ^^^, who have zero math skills and a sub-70 IQ, are the reason this country will make Venezuela look like paradise in less than 5 years.

And, of course, he devolved into the expected "Muh Dik" argument...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 80236261

When all you got is a dick instead of a brain....you tend to obsess about it.
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