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Message Subject “You’re a Murderer! You’re Always Gonna be a Mexican!” – Teacher Berates Latino Deputy, Launches Into Racist Tirade When
Poster Handle Gummedchromeroller
Post Content
Do you see now why the people see the police as overgrown schoolyard bullies? They are snitching on citizens to the media now. This woman’s face was blurred probably because she has the right to sue them for defamation. Smart people can see through these extreme harassment tactics. This woman said not one racial slur is her rant, that’s what really bothers them I think.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71646209

Just calling him a racist, murderer, whatever that name was she called him, brow-beating him - was racist. She is nuttier than a fruitcake and dumber than a door knob. I'm guessing she lives on trying to set people up for lawsuits, which is what she was clearly doing to this cop. She was pushing him to get him to say something and then she would file a $3 million lawsuit and they would settle with her for $250k and she would go out and buy a new Mercedes. People like this (and I've known a few) are the lowest of the low. It's probably a given she cheats on her taxes, probably lives in her apartment free due to COVID even though she said she teaches. In fact, she is right up there in the top ten for most obnoxious person of the year award.
 Quoting: GA Girl

Fairly certain Nancy Pelosi has all 10 of those spots reserved until after her death.

Just sayin.
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