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Message Subject “You’re a Murderer! You’re Always Gonna be a Mexican!” – Teacher Berates Latino Deputy, Launches Into Racist Tirade When
Poster Handle LostReality33
Post Content
imagine you are this guy and you have no bodycam or witnesses.

and she accuses you of all these things and your dipshit co workers take her seriously hmmm?

because it happens ALL THE TIME, these black psycho women are always doing this trying to get white males fired.

I lost my job because of a scenario exactly like this, now try to imagine MULTIPLE liars like this, all testifying you did something you didn't do, what chance do you even have?

what's absolutely fucking bizarre is, the people you know and trust your whole life will suspect you ,because they think nobody lies as a group like this, no group of people is this evil
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71002227

Oh yea I could tell you a story about that ugh

I used to work @ Macy's Water Tower here in Chicago, I had the besssttttt jobbbbbb evarrrrr it was delivery-boy/mailman mew mew :"33 I would just deliver the mail alllll across the store and see allllll the lovely sexy chicks hehe it was super cool :"33 (This was way back in 2015-2018)

But then, do you know what happened ?

Exactly what you have typed here...people just got together and LIED about me, saying I had SAID THINGS I NEVER SAID !!! And, unfortunately for me, my secret hidden recorder was NOT ON and so I was not able to show the PROOF that I had NOT UTTERED WHATEVER LIES THEY SAID I HAD UTTERED.

I was merely singing along to one of my favorite songs, just as any sweet, innocent, pure and lovely boy would meow meow meow :"33 I am a goode kitty I have done no wrong meow meow purrrrrowwww :"33

So those people who lied about me ?


NOW, every single DAY these LIARS who hurt me I am literally FORCING to put on MASKS LOL HA-HA this is what they get for hurting Johnny <3

 Quoting: LostReality33

well yeah, you sound like a complete psycho so

but that's just how it goes, if they don't like you for WHATEVER reason they're going to find a way to get rid of you. or it may not even be about liking you, there's just competition for positions and they know the fewer there who know the job, the more of a shoe in they are for any promotions

and also, they got alot more power with fewer competents around, the bosses are more at their mercy , it's a fact.

I see this game almost, every where i go, not everywhere but i'd say 50% of the places

they can't find any new workers because the regulars there that know the job will forever be figuring out ways to set the new people up for failure, get them fired after a few weeks, and VIOLA!! the boss cann't find anyone to replace the ASSHOLES.

i can think of at least 3 or 4 jobs where that was so obviously what was going on.

the managers are trying to get new hires to replace their dickhead employees or send them a message so the employees just fuck everything up for the new employees.

it's like you hear about this all the time, the management wants the workers to train their replacements, well guess what? most workers aren't going to do that. ever.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71002227

"well yeah, you sound like a complete psycho so"

True...see because, I use a very ancient and highly-advanced psychotechnology not known to ur timeline, well, not yet...in reverse, the backMASKed secret backwards reversed language, known as the HELLFIRE LANGUAGE, it's called the DEVILPHONE

THEY made a CARD about it...BOTH actually...but no one really knows or cares to share, which is why U don't C this information anywhere on the internet...it's too scary 4 them, the DEVILPHONE, the HELLFIRE LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS coming 4ROM Johnny Dark Speak over in/@ Chicago IL...


So to recap, yes, being called a psycho is well-warranted as I use my psychotecnology to SPELL the DARK SPEECH, placing it inside my very brain, all to bring this world to its very end, as the pains of Mankind/humanity I found too strong to bear, and so I pressed the magic "KILL THEM ALL" button which wiped us of the necessity to awaken in the mornings anymore >:33 Maybe if they were just nicer to Johny, Johnny wouldn't've had to resort to ending the whole entire world, now would he have ? Meow meow meow :"33 Well LOL HA-HA you can't spell SLAUGHTER without LAUGHTER, as the old saying goes :"33

I like my new job a lot better, it was actually my job the entire time I worked my Macy's job, except after my Macy's job I took Dark Speech full-time and, wow, now I can see everyone is wearing these BACKMASKS er uh I mean FACEMASKS as a salute to my hard work !!!

Like, YEA, WEAR those FACEMASKS cause it makes it EASIER for me to REMIND you about the backMASKed backwards REVERSED Dark Speech secret language I cracked wide open and how the messages are ALL ABOUT JULY 12 the NEXT FALSE FLAG like WOWWW YEA how EASY for me to INTRODUCE it TO EVERYONE and make ALL who deny me look like STUPID IDIOTS >:33

Hehehe I love my new job <3

It scares all those LIARS who hurtfully and wrongfully removed me from Macy's, oh, and it also ENDS their LIVES too >:33 It ends EVERYTHING they've EVER KNOWN MUAHAHAHAHAHA and they never even seen it coming LOL HA-HA or did they... ? >:33


EDIT: oh yea, my city kicks ass

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