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New Study Shows How Stay-At-Home Orders Backfired

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 80276106
United States
05/05/2021 11:34 PM
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New Study Shows How Stay-At-Home Orders Backfired
ast summer, NBC News reported that New York state health officials were stunned by the number of hospitalized patients who said they had contracted COVID-19 while staying at home.

The data, collected from 113 hospitals who surveyed patients over a three-day span, suggested more than two-thirds had contracted the virus while staying at home.

"Sixty-six percent of the people were at home, which is shocking to us," Governor Andrew Cuomo told a gaggle of reporters at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research in May. The percentage far outnumbered other more likely places, such as nursing homes (18 percent), assisted living facilities (4 percent), and homeless shelters/streets (2 percent).

"This is a surprise," Cuomo said. "We were thinking that maybe we were going to find a higher percent of essential employees who were getting sick because they were going to work — that these may be nurses, doctors, transit workers. That's not the case. They were predominantly at home."......'

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