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GLP, Can We Please help this guy

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United States
05/07/2021 02:18 PM
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GLP, Can We Please help this guy
Mods, if you would please allow - any small help will really make a difference... Been here probably 12 years, never asked for help - thanks!

This man, Rodney, has done SO much for others. He organized a safe shelter here in Southern California, to help all the many homeless in the area. He dealt with abuse from some of them, from the community, harassment from the city, dealt with squabbles, made sure people had sanitation, coordinated with community services to help people find hiusing or rehab, such a kind, solid, selfless individual. This type of thing was very much needed, because a lot of people are elderly, women that are being abused or raped on the streets, and many other bad things were happening that people wanted a safe place to get away from. The way some people prey on others out there is disturbing. We all know the homeless problem is only getting worse.

After doing so much for others, Rodney was overjoyed when the city finally brought in a program to give people, including him, motel vouchers. I was also very happy to see him get off the street, because he definitely didn't belong there. Then we just found out, that it was all a scam, and the motel vouchers that were supposed to house them up to 6 months, until housing vouchers were available, already ran out. They suddenly threw everyone out of the motel with no warning, which is happening all around town right now, because we live in a tourist area and it's getting close to Summer. The tourists pay more than the city does.

So, an effort is being made to collect enough funds to really help him make a start on his own. It's been much too hard for people to use services here to get off the streets, because even once they give you a voucher, a lot of places either won't take it, or there just isn't any availability of rentals anymore. The current crisis has caused a lot of people to no longer vacate their rentals as often as they used to, and also people have been forced out of more expensive homes into the smaller less expensive units that previously homeless people would be looking to rent. We already had about 1% in availability of open units in our county, but it has gotten much worse. I know, because I've been helping a family member look for a place with their voucher and it's doing no good so far.

This campaign received some donations in the beginning, but I've noticed that it has petered out. A lot of people here are already donate to the shelter that is trying to start a tiny house movement, but that project is taking quite a long time.

[link to gofund.me (secure)]

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/07/2021 02:22 PM
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Re: GLP, Can We Please help this guy
I'm not sure about this op.

Aren't you just supporting the downfall of the economy?

Tell nasty piglosi to pay for it...