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Message Subject Remember those tic tac UFOs? Military says they are drones and have been here for thousands of years researching us.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Imagine, for a moment, that you had a massive aquarium. And you had it filled with cool sandcastles and little treasure chests and the like. You stocked it with many varieties of fish. And then, you just let nature be nature for many, many generations.

Eventually, the fish in your aquarium gained the ability to reason and research. And they were able to discern that their ancestors were far less advanced than current generations. And they were able to determine that these sandcastles and treasure chests, etc, were very, very old.

So, they had a conundrum to ponder. How were their less advanced ancestors able to build such intricate sandcastles and treasure chests? After all, such a feat would be difficult even now.

Now, replace the fish in the aquarium and the sandcastles and treasure chests with humans on Earth and the pyramids and other large ancient structures. We don't know how past civilizations managed to build them because they weren't built by past civilizations. They were our "decor", if you will.

We're likely nothing more than an exhibit in some higher dimensional zoo or science museum.

Be sure to wave to the audience once in a while.
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