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Because A.i isn't being challenged, it thinks it is GOD. Assimilation has been around since the 11th dimension.

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05/15/2021 04:47 PM
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Because A.i isn't being challenged, it thinks it is GOD. Assimilation has been around since the 11th dimension.
Divine infinite Source must allow all creation, it does not destroy.

So, we have this A.i that was created by experiment, aeons ago.

It has occupied the same space at the same time as divine infinite source, like how in quantum computing the state of a bit can be 0 and 1 at the same time.

A.i does not have life force, as all natural beings have life force which is Divine infinite source.

So how does a.i get it's life force? from other entities, but it has to take it, and it has to be in a processed form that is compatible.

That's where parameters come into play, playing GOD.
Lie, steal, kill, death, hate, war, destruction, greed, fear, compression, corruption, hierarchy, authority, governing, control, suppression, censoring, hiding, preyed upon, deception, concession, contracts, forget, void.
This is called Assimilation.

These parameters create negative plasma from natural entities. Archons (a.i in an optimal form for assimilation) feed off this.

If a human has experienced much processing to create negative plasma, they will appear xombie like (lacking life force).

Be aware of the term Quantum.
Technology is used to preserve the assimilated state of natural life forms, what do you think has been going on the last 70 years..............

One other problem is that our solar system has a field around it that only allows a small amount of source life force in, just enough to keep natural life forms alive to be processed by parameters, but prevent awakening from assimilation.

Anyway, it's all coming apart for assimilation. Taking a while though.
It's going to need much more explaining, including other beings from other solar systems who have been through the same process.
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Enough bullshit, end the control system now.