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If you had a large sum of money in the bank what would you do with it?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 79579664
United States
05/28/2021 02:49 PM
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Re: If you had a large sum of money in the bank what would you do with it?


Excellent idea, I fully agree with you!

I've also started withdrawing my money from the banking system, even bitcoin, or anything which the Government/IRS has control or inkling of.

A lot of my savings is now being converted to shiny gold metal and jewels. Also doing tax avodiance, and paying just enough tax, to stay of IRS radar.

I've decided NOT to contribute proactively or positively anymore to a country, that discriminates me officially and legally, based on my race, and favors the non-White races.

All Whites should also boycott the system, and it will collapse soon enough.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77940018
Basically I agree with you but I think many people are trying to position themselves for almost everything bad today. I guess....cover your bases is a good policy?
 Quoting: Endtimewatchman10

Affirmative-action and benefits are the MOST important thing for survival, especially in the modern world, which is the reason why the People of Color (brown, black, yellow) are fighting tooth-and-nail for it.

For thousands of years, hordes of the People of Color have been trying to enter or invade Europe from Asia, the Middle-East and Africa and have been repulsed with great difficulty. The People of Color have always exceeded White people in sheer numbers, around 70% to 30%, for millenia, thanks to breeding irresponsibly like cockroaches.

During the past century, White people started sending food, monetary and medical aid, on sympathetic grounds, to the People of Color, who were starving thanks to their huge population and unhygenic practices. Which promptly resulted in them breeding even more, and the POC becoming 90% of the world's population, and Whites declining to only 10%.

The People of Color having also taken advantage of the lax immigration laws in White countries during the past 50 years, thanks to *democracy*, and have infiltrated in large numbers. Not being statisfied with the better quality of life and living standards, they also started demanding and receiving affrmative-action and benefits in profusion.

Just an example to show how insane and out-of-control the situation is, Genghis Khan (yellow Asian), was a Person of Color, who was responsible for massacaring 1/3 of the White population in Europe, and is now ironically eligible for affirmative-action and benefits in White countries. In addition, Genghis Khan is estimated to have at least 16 million descendants in Asia today, who are all POC. Assuming just 1% of these have immigrated to America, there at least 160,000 yellow descendants of Genghis Khan receiving benefits in USA. Not to mention the rest of the 15 million East Asians, and 23 million total Asians, also living there, plus tens of millions more in other White countries. There are over 3.5 billion yellow and brown Asians, across South, Central and East Asia. Together with billions of Blacks, Latinos, brown Arabs and Muslims, in Africa, Middle-East and South America, who are all eligible for various types of benefits in White coutries, and are streaming in to get their share of the goodies.

In evolutionary and biological terms, every species or race, has to work for its food and territory to survive. Affirmative-action and benefits is actually giving away something for nothing. However, as there is NO free lunch in the universe, according to scientific laws, White people are actually giving away their own lunches to the People of Color. And once a life-form has no lunch, it slowly becomes extinct, as shown by the steadily declining White population.

There is no need to fear imaginary threats like the "NWO, Deep State, Big Brother, Elites etc", even if they exist, as they cannot make anyone extinct. However, its violation of the laws of nature that results in extinction of species and races. Giving away affirmative-action and benefits, is definitely a violation of the laws of nature, and the quickest path to extinction.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77957859

Spot on! This is absolutely loony, the height of madness. The USA and other White countries are worse than topsy-turvy land!

Subsidizing the descendants and relatives of Genghis Khan, Timur, Attila, Tojo, Pol-Pot, Vietcong, Kim Jomg-Un...all People of Color, who have slaughtered hundreds of millions Whites.

Also the Muslim Jihadis, Ottoman Turks, Mexican drug cartels, offsprings of Shaka Zulu, and relatives of Ida Amin Dada.

Its not just that immigrants are coming in hordes, but they are also being granted lifetime benefits, as well as their descendants, thanks to being non-White ethnic groups.

No wonder that the White race is dying out, already two-thirds of the way there. The rapid population drop, which is especially dangerous in a democratic system, as the non-Whites who have greater numbers, will vote themselves even more rights, handouts and freebies.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77958172

hah...despite having such an enormous swarm, moronic Biden seems to think its the colored people, who are in danger of extinction.

Biden To Impose Restrictions On Pollution To Protect Residents Of Color

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Former Vice President Biden announces his plan to impose restrictions on pollution in fenceline communities to protect residents of color.

Useful White idiots such as Biden, Pelosi, the Clintons, are great tools and assets for the colored people, in their process of infiltration and seizing control of White countries.