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Message Subject the ferritin inside you when they flip the EMP switch will kill you
Poster Handle That1Chick
Post Content
weaponized cell towers plus Ferritin=instant death

plus binary biologicals

we are talking, total complete wipeout

anyone left will be nothing, totally overwhelmed by those who got the placebos
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71024896

There are a couple of things that make it obvious your post is total crap. First is the fact that you have no idea what the difference is between an EMP and 4G/5G/LTE microwave radiation. They are two completely different things.
2nd is the proof that Ferritin isn't impacted by 5G OR EMP's whatsoever...
Example A-Airport security x-ray scanners are 5G and you don't drop dead walking through those.
Example B- Have you ever heard of the Carrington Event? It was a major EMP that hit earth back at the beginning of the mid 1800's, and not one human being was recorded just dropping dead from that either.
So nope.... your "theory" is a big fat fail. Try again. bsflag
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