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Sunday Morning Caroons with Plymouth Fury

Plymouth Fury Antistep
Offer Upgrade

User ID: 62810227
05/23/2021 02:00 AM
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Sunday Morning Caroons with Plymouth Fury
cuz Saturday Night was a BITCH....no DAMN CARTOONS FOR ME ill tell u WHAT....so cuz of THAT, is certainly Possible that some of these Tomes might have a, shall we say, RELIGIOUS ASPECT....but i Digress. take a SHOT hehehe
[link to dlive.tv (secure)]
[link to facebook.com (secure)] (Friend Requests approved every 12 hrs)
[link to www.twitch.tv (secure)]
[link to trovo.live (secure)]
[link to www.youtube.com (secure)] (Livestreams may be Censored/Banned)
also Streaming on [link to www.nimo.tv (secure)] but THHAT is REALLY WEIRD dude but i LIKE it
dig the Plazmatics whilst i Gather Up Cartoonies....viddy Well