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DC Vertigo Sandman Cast for Netflix Series is in . . .

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05/26/2021 04:14 PM
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DC Vertigo Sandman Cast for Netflix Series is in . . .
Very PC. I have ZERO to do with this. I petitioned Neil Gaiman for a long while to cast someone I know as Delirium, and he has no say on who is cast. Like them or fantasize on how a story told by someone who isn't you is being interpreted by someone who isn't you for an audience that isn't you. Who cares.



My worthless opinion: original author is racially, sexually and politically sound and made the characters most likely from images/archetypes from his life which was 60 years ago in England/Europe? This netflix version is a 2022 PC USA telling of those stories.

I would have liked to see the original brought to life in film, that's not what this is. Maybe it will work. I am passively interested...

I will also say if we are just taking whatever and putting pop culture and a dollar sign on it, lets make Morpheus Captain Pepsi and get on with it.
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