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Anyone watch Weed the People on Netflix?

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05/27/2021 09:49 AM
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Anyone watch Weed the People on Netflix?
I saw it quite a while ago on Netflix. I think it's still on Netflix today, but I think it doesn't show up unless you actually search for it by name.

Was a pretty cool documentary. They followed 6-7 kids with brain cancer and documented them trying to use CBD oil to cure the tumors. It worked in like in all but one of the kids.

The best part of the documentary though was that some of the Dr's agreed to let them film them in their consultations, agreeing to let them try the alternative cure. However, the Dr's didn't believe it would work, so they made the parents agree to start chemotherapy, and then if it didn't work continue on with Radiation after, etc..

Was crazy cool to watch these 60-year-old big pharma medical school trained Doctors stutter and stammer in shocked disbelief as the kids come back after a few months and their tumors shrank.

One parent, who asked the Dr (who made the parents start chemotherapy on their kid while doing the CBD treatment) asked, have you ever seen a Tumor shrink this much from Chemotherapy, and he didn't know what to say, he's like I've never seen a tumor shrink from chemotherapy, chemotherapy doesn't shrink tumors.

Makes you wonder how fucked the medical industry and Dr's are going to be when people figure there has been effective treatments and cures for cancer for decades and their loved one were allowed to die so they could keep their profits.

Worth the watch

[link to www.weedthepeoplemovie.com (secure)]

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United States
05/27/2021 09:51 AM

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Re: Anyone watch Weed the People on Netflix?
A legend in my own mind