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Message Subject Requesting a tarot card reading or divination
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I used Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards

Top Center Moon
Middle Center Drum
Bottom Center Shapeshifter
Left top Direction Guardian
Right Top Oracle
Left Bottom Winter
Right Bottom Lady

Direction Guardians come to us when we are at a crossroads and don't know which way to go. Choose the path that will light you up and choose with your heart.

Take your time and focus on developing your inner strength and gifts. There are opportunities for your to rediscover gifts and talents that you were born with and born to share. They are already there to rediscover them.

Gather facts so you that you can make a decision that is in line with your integrity. You are guided to wait for more information before making any fast moves because at the moment you are letting your wants get in the way of your needs. Let what needs to be revealed revealed.

Considerable amount of financial security and comfort and financial success would follow if you are making business deals or setting the intention to create financial growth.

Do everything you need to be at your best. Then move beyond your fears and limitations. You have an opportunity to move beyond your fears. You may uncover something from your past that may be buried deep within. when you shine the light on it, you create space for miracles. You may feel like a lone wolf right now but it's okay.

What you have seen in your dreams and inner vision is not imagination but guidance. It has come to you repeatedly and has the potential to become reality.

Ask yourself if you are avoiding anything or refuse to deal with its importance. it could be holding you in the shadows of your destiny. Understand what is standing in your way
 Quoting: AgapeTruth

All of this strikes a chord with me and makes sense. It can be very beneficial to evaluate one's life and circumstances from a universal point of view. Theres nothing you've written I can dismiss intuitively. Your reading and explanation does ring true to me and it will prove very useful I have no doubt. I have struggled greatly in the past but I have have no doubt that I am in a better place now and that I am on the right path. Not a minute too soon, I might add. I'll reread this often and will probably invest in a deck of my own. My interest in divination has been rediscovered recently. I'll strive to be as clear a seer as you have been for me here. Thank you whole heartedly and may you be well! hf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73939260

I should have double checked that paragraph before I sent it. My apologies if it were unpleasant to read. Thanks again
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