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OK for the record, Covid Schmovid

Shithead Tyrone Slothrop
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United States
05/29/2021 05:31 AM
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OK for the record, Covid Schmovid
First, I didn't want to get it, but I also don't want to get a splinter or a cold.
Now, I was never worried about it, I was against any mask or lockdown hysteria from the very beginning. Maybe stop travel from China but that wouldn't have really done anything in the end. Now, ignore it. People get sick. People die. Shit happens. You've got every damn body looking at living as "As long as possible by any means necessary." You've got idiot / psychopath politicians either thinking they can actually do something or desperately needing to try so they stay relevant and feed their self importance. It's a FUCKING NON EVENT for me. I got money and traffic was very light for a while. I had to wear a mask to go to the store and work because the CEO is terrified. I spent about $100 for stuff if I get it but I can use that for the cold or flu, or whatever. I don't even know what the flu is. Everything I get is the same. Sore throat, congested nose, maybe loose shit in your windpipe. I think there are diseases that kill you that aren't as bad as a cold. You gonna tell me I haven't had the flu in 40 years? Maybe not I don't know. All y'all Covid cultists can get bent.
Having said that I'll probably die from it.
I've gotten a lot of red for telling the truth and being right. Just sayin'