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Who knew the great Awakening would be this?

Anonymous Coward
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05/30/2021 01:46 PM
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Who knew the great Awakening would be this?
When I started on this journey I was of the world wrapped in it comfortable embrace blind to filthy draping that covered me. Soiled in filth, drenched in blood smelling of rot and riddled with maggots. This garb has been ripped from my grasp and I have been bathed in the blood of the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I have been made clean. Purified not of my own hand but of the sacrifice of Perfect blood a sinless flesh burdened by us and our evil desires.

Why do they hate Christians?

Why do they hate Jesus?

Why do they defile our Church?

Why do they murder the innocent?

Why do they seek control?

The Body has been infected by the real virus and it will grow as a cancer, unchecked and hidden until it bursts from the darkness and overwhelms the Body. Sin is sin no sin is greater than another, if you commit one sin, you have committed them all. Those who worship false idols, who put anything of this world before God will be treated as strangers. It's as clear as day when you look at history and today. They who persecuted have gotten others to persecute. Using their left hand to plunge the knife, their right hand remaining visibly clean. Their christ is not Our Christ... Their god is not Our God... Their church (lodge, temple, etc.) is not Our Body.