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Does this sound like some shenanigans are being pulled re: real estate?

evangeline claire
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United States
05/31/2021 06:02 PM
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Does this sound like some shenanigans are being pulled re: real estate?
A friend's relative is in an Alzheimer's ward (although they do not really have Alzheimer's - only possibly the beginnings of it). Their guardian cut-off all communication between the imprisoned relative and all other relatives/friends except for a very select few and took away their cell phone. The guardian is not a good person, I can guarantee you that. (As a side note, anyone older should be certain they have secured a reputable POA or you, too, could be imprisoned.)

Anyway, got a call from the friend that their relative, the guardian, had sold the person's (who in a nursing home lockdown) home for a substantial amount of money - which would likely take care of them for at least the next 4+ to 6 years (assuming around $70 to $100K per year charges). And, although it is assumed there was likely still sufficient funds in the bank to cover expenses, it is feasible one can assume it was wise to sell the house as it is sitting empty(?).

Now, the guardian is selling the imprisoned relative's farmland and other house. They told my friend that they would get it appraised and let them know the value before listing it. However, they never did...the guardian just texted the listing of the property to my friend. Other relatives feel the appraisal was way too low.

A few days later a few email offers come in -- property sight unseen -- and my friend is being told by the guardian that they need an answer if my friend or any of their friends are interested in the property before a certain time tonight!

I think something stinks in Denmark. Why would the guardian take a offer after only 3 days of it being listed? Why did the guardian not let my friend know the appraisal value prior to listing as they promised they would (and possibly avoid realtor fees)? As mentioned, the proceeds from the sale of the main house should easily cover 4-6 in years of nursing homes expenses, so securing funds to cover the relative's nursing home care is not an issue where time is of the essence.
Isaiah 5:20
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Anonymous Coward
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06/01/2021 06:06 PM
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Re: Does this sound like some shenanigans are being pulled re: real estate?
the more property an older person has, the more they need a friend to keep them from getting ripped off.

and even then, they probably will get ripped off.

it is a good idea to "die a pauper"

ie, do all your giving before your time so that you have very little for the vultures to take