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I have a question to ask about my next path in life.

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User ID: 74795940
United States
05/31/2021 08:37 PM
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I have a question to ask about my next path in life.
It is a long story but here goes. So in June 2019 my long time girlfriend who I made my fiancée the year prior abruptly ended the engagement after being together for 8 years. We were trying to have kids and I was hurt and confused but managed to pull myself out of a deep depression.

In November 2019, She comes back into my life and we get back together. Things were going great then out of the blue in March 2020 she blocks me and the hurt and pain returned. I still managed to pull myself together. I had dropped out of college in my 20’s and I lacked 2 semesters. I went back to the University of Texas and graduated in December! The whole time my ex was rooting me on and coming over to see me. It looked like things might finally be getting back on track for us finally and for good.

However, In January of this year she did it again and left. I didn’t hear a peep from her. I found she was dating guy in 2020 and that they got engaged in February 2021. I was hurt devastated and lost once again. I’m starting to accept that it’s over and done with and that I have to move on for good.

So we flash forward to now. I am narrowing down my options and need some help. I am 37 and I have always wanted to be a father. I’m 6’4” with blue eyes, I am in great shape, and I am very handsome. I have tried the dating apps and meeting a great woman but they are around my age and either have kids and don’t want anymore or don’t want any period. It’s rough. Anyways, I was looking at going to get my MBA. I have been accepted to the University of Texas, Baylor, UNT, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Penn State, and the University of Miami. Some great schools for my Master’s of Business Administration. If I go I am leaning toward UTRGV because it is very cheap and while I can afford a higher priced school without taking out loans it is best to have more money in my pocket right now!

Another option I have is flying over to Phuket, Thailand to live. I like this option because Thai women are beautiful and I could easily find one that would want to be a great wife and to make me a father for the first time! I bought the airline ticket for July 1st, 2021! It’s fully refundable so that is a plus but it is a big step to take. I just worry I will not be able to find a job or how I would make money over there.

So that is my dilemma, stay here in Texas and get my MBA in one year and be 38 when I graduate or go over to Thailand right now and meet quite possibly my soulmate and have a couple of kiddos together. It’s a hard choice and all I know is that the clock is ticking. What would y’all do?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 68032132
United States
05/31/2021 09:10 PM
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Re: I have a question to ask about my next path in life.
Why would you choose to bring more 3rd world children in to the world when they're killing off the White race? You know what such treason deserves, don't you!?

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