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People need to stop saying we need to get rid of the Constitution

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06/04/2021 03:25 PM
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People need to stop saying we need to get rid of the Constitution
Saw a comment in another thread, and it's one I've seen popping up here and there the past couple years.

The Constitution is not inherently flawed to the point of needing to be replaced. It was written by people much smarter and learned than most in the world.

Think of it all like a computer operating system.

If your computer gets a virus, you don't get rid of the operating system for a completely different one, you get rid of the virus and any programs that support the virus.

Our government has, over decades, installed virus after virus. They have jumped the code of the operating system so it no longer operates the way it is supposed to. So much so that the government has become the virus.

But that doesn't make the operating system bad in design, philosophy or implementation.

We need to get rid of the viruses, and thankfully the Constitution gives us the means, freedoms and ultimately the duty to do so.

I recognize that there are sometimes reasons to update the operating system. That's why we have amendments.

The problem isn't the Constitution, the problem is the oligarchy and globalists that want to topple the USA and thrust the whole world into a totalitarian state.

We the People have the power to stop it, we just laid the will to leave our comfortable lives to do so. We also must go through the processes of a polite society and let them ultimately fail (as they are and have been) before taking that step.