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Message Subject Is It Time To Ban Canadastanians???
Poster Handle The Daddylorian
Post Content

Agreed. I grew up in Niagara Falls and my perception of Canadians is of those fucks in Ontario.. The thread is a bit of jest to be honest.

All of the Western Cannucks I met were salt of the earth types.

I do love poking fun at the Cannucks just to watch the mindless ones try their feeble best to fight back.
 Quoting: The Daddylorian


Well, there's the problem right there. Been trying to convince my folks to leave that shithole forever.

You want solid, come to rural north Vancouver island. Not the hippy holes like Salt Spring, and don't even get me started about the cesspool that is Hongcouver.

We're not all shit packing liberal scum... Too bad we have to deal with 'em.

 Quoting: MountainTux NLI

I've heard this recently... Do other Candafucks hate Ontario??? If so I might adjust my opinion of the nation.
 Quoting: The Daddylorian

You loved canadafucks and ontariofucks until you were deported for being a criminal and a loser at the precise and precious little age of 19.

You BALLED YOUR EYES OUT in front of that Justice.

Now you share your pathetic story of being deported from the worlds most refugee accommodating nation from America. It's just, tragic.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75186671

Holyfuck you're a bitter little girl. Find a dolly and hold on for dear life you witless fucking mental midget.
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