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i am not threatening humanity

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06/07/2021 03:34 AM
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i am not threatening humanity
it seem to me that kamala want to use me as a common enemy to humanity so she can use me to unite all humanity with her and her religious/liberal cult, just like what al-sisi did in Egypt
i think that she said that i am threatening humanity, therefore humanity must unite with her and her religious/liberal air cult against me

therefore, i must say that i am not threatening humanity
and that is for two reasons

1-my enemies are mostly not "all humanity" and maybe not even "all Egyptians", they are mostly just some certain type/s of humans that i am not sure about their percentage or their common identity, i only want to destroy my enemies
i am nearly sure that most of women in this world are not my enemies

2-i am angry about my hellish life and my bad social environment for more than two decades now
therefore if i was against all humans and if i was strong enough to pose any threat to humanity, i would have already harmed or destroyed humanity years ago
i am just a victim of sever prolonged torturer, threats, attacks and deprivation who just scream in pain by cursing/threatening the people who tortured, attacked and deprived him, but since i am not sure about the identity or the percentage of my enemies and since all humans leave me in hell without saving me or punishing my enemies, therefore some times my curses become random and this make me seem to be against everyone

as for corona
mostly, corona is related to me, but corona it was mostly done by someone other than me or my people
and the proof is that corona nearly do not kill or harm my mortal enemies like Egyptians or Muslims, while it harm other humans greatly
if i am the one that cursed humanity with corona, it would mostly focus on killing/harming Egyptians and Muslims not Americans and Indians
also, until now corona did not get me out of hell or destroyed my enemies

but if humans wanted to see me as their common enemy -while i am mostly not- and chosen to believe the bullshit of the likes of kamala/al-sisi/Egyptians/Muslims/feminists
then they have chosen to join the system of my enemies and they can only blame themselves when i had the power to punish all my enemies and their friends

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