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Yantian Port in Shenzhen//Supply Chain Distribution Breakdown

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User ID: 78193591
United States
06/07/2021 03:36 PM
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Yantian Port in Shenzhen//Supply Chain Distribution Breakdown
This is the first time ever posting on this site, been reading for a while daily. I just got a panicked notice from my client. He is getting calls from his business friends that China just increased port charges. I went on GLP to see if there was anything and I did not see anything. Anyone else having the following immediate issues? This is the information I have from my client: China has now begun charging 5x the amount usually for port charges, and supplies are limited, which is causing USA Amazon and eBay marketplace business people to not be able to fulfill orders.
I said before I do some research on how bad this is, he gave me this link. [link to www.hindustantimes.com (secure)] It is two weeks old, but he says that he has been to this Port and it is huge. He said that if they are charging 5x and limiting exports because of Covid-19 it is over. All of his other large volume amazon and eBay friends who own marketplace businesses are all freaking out he says. Does anyone have anything that is breaking that could explain this right now? I guess the trip to the supply houses from China, magically ending up on our front door, has finally stopped?