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i dreamed with "pain halls"

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06/08/2021 10:59 AM
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i dreamed with "pain halls"
a year ago i start to forcibly sleep after any big meal i have
i red that this is a sign of Diabetes
anyway, after i eat my launch today i slept, while i am asleep i dreamed with one of my unusual dreams
unfortunately, since about a year a go, the pains, threats, desperation and all the shit that in my life stopped me from remembering most of my dreams when i wake up, therefore i only remember two scenes from my dream:
a scene were my enemies was hiding in a dark place like some kind of wizard tower or an 18th century inventor/blacksmith workshop, they wanted to attack me or to steal something

and another scene were i was chasing my enemies in the place that they came from, maybe it was like another dimension
i was chasing them in a place that was filled with halls or huge rooms that is located next to each-others
it wasn't like hell, it was like a huge building that is filed with some kind of torturer champers
but it wasn't like a dungeon either, the walls and everything was clean

in these rooms there was a lot of people who was laying on the floor in a circular era in the middle of each room
they was in great pain, they was naked, tortured, weakened and humiliated
there was continuous sound of pain moaning coming from them, the tortured people was only allowed to walk on their legs and hands like animals
and among them there was naked mothers laying on the floor in pain hugging their nearly dead babies
they seemed to be like good people who was unjustly tortured for sadistic evil reasons, not criminals/sinners who is being punished

while there was some clean rich people's beds in the corners of every room, were some rich-looking people was laying on them to look at people who suffer in the middle of the rooms, to sadistically enjoy their suffering and to study their pain, there was a lot of books also

it wasn't nightmare, i wasn't scared at all, i was just passing through these rooms hunting for my enemies

maybe these pain halls/torture chambers metaphorically represent the religious-liberal(capitalist/feminist) world that we live in
where the good people like me suffer for the pleasure/benefit of the rich evil people 1dunno1

i am very proud of my sophisticated complex sci-fi/fantasy dreams, i love them more than life itself, even my nightmares are great and enjoyable
i think that no one can really dream things like this or even closer to this ever
to cancer and to water signs in general, sleep and dreams like this is better than normal awake life, only sex can be better than this
even the people who claimed that they dreamed similar dreams, their simple normal dreams was incomparable to mine and they even look like as they was just trying to mimic me, as the usual with matrix NPCs that want to normalize me

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