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The Left Attempts to Brainwash Texas State Guard with Critical Race Theory

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06/18/2021 09:45 AM
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The Left Attempts to Brainwash Texas State Guard with Critical Race Theory
[link to youngconservative.net (secure)]

The left is hard at work attempting to brainwash our military with things like critical race theory while they try and weed out any and all real patriots!

The left has moved the goalposts from indoctrinating our children with critical race theory to indoctrinating our military with critical race theory!

Our military, whether it be the different groups of National Guard troops around the country or those stationed overseas, all serve with one thing in mind — upholding and defending our Constitution.

To the left, our Constitution is nothing more than some document put together by racist white southern slave owners. Hence why they are at war with the Constitution.

Furthermore, they intend to dismantle the Constitution as it is the only barrier we have between freedom and becoming subjects of the state.

Of course, the media will paint this all as ‘conspiracy theory’ and label those of us speaking out about this as ‘radicals’. Well, it’s great to be a radical! In fact, the very founders of this great country of ours were the radicals of their time fighting against the same sort of tyrannical government we are seeing today.

A government in which they had no representation. Sounds an awful lot like what we are living through right now! We think we have representation, but in reality, even many Republican politicians are bought and paid for and we Conservatives and patriot-minded citizens are left to fend for ourselves.

I digress.

How do the radical leftists manage to push their agenda and implement the socialist draconian policies we are seeing. They infiltrate the military! And that is exactly what they are doing with the Texas State Guard.

TexacScoreCard.com reports:

I am a Texas State Guardsman. The Texas Military Forces motto of “Duty. Honor. Texas.” is more than just words to me. I joined freely in 2014, as a 37-year-old father of three, and seven years later, I still feel that the Guard is made up of the most outstanding Texans. But on Saturday, May 22, 2021, my unshakable pride in the Guard was rattled.

During our monthly drill, we were ordered into an auditorium at Camp Mabry and indoctrinated with themes of cultural Marxism and critical race theory that characterize the same DOD “extremism” training that has been forced upon all federal troops since the January 6 rally for President Trump in Washington, D.C. Unlike the federal training, our training occurred with a room full of Texas general officers, including Major General Robert Bodisch, the commanding general (CG) of the Texas State Guard.

Texas is somewhat unique in that the Texas Military Forces is made up of no less than three branches: the Army National Guard, the Air National Guard, and the Texas State Guard. The reporting structure is complex, but the bottom line is that the State Guard only reports to the governor of Texas and cannot be federalized. The Department of Defense is not in our reporting structure, and Washington, D.C. has no role in the command of our state military forces.

Reporting to the governor is not the only unique thing about the State Guard. Holding to tradition, the Guard is still made up of families from all over the state: fathers and daughters, brothers and cousins, all serving side by side. Indeed, it is what the United States military used to be: a proud, organized militia made up of families serving their homes and neighbors.