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Subject what is the meaning of the symbols in this song?
Poster Handle annwar,
Post Content
this is an Arabic music video from 2001
the song itself is not that good, but it is not about the song, it is about the occult/magic/pagan symbols in the video
there are a statue of a god or goddess that is covered by water but yet it breathes fire and there are symbol for the sun that look Nazi

and the signer of the song is called Maya, she is very normal singer
but the name "Maya" is very mystical name, it have a lot of magical/occult meanings, actually the word "Maya" literally mean "magic" in Hinduism
and it also mean "illusion" or "that which exists, but is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal"
Maya is also the name of epithet/manifestation for goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of "wealth, prosperity and love". Also, Maya refers to wealth or treasure
Maya or Mayasura was a great ancient king of the asuras, daityas and rakchasa races, he was was known for his brilliant architecture and he was the son of viswakarma
In Buddhism, Maya is the name of Gautama Buddha's mother
it could also mean water, the celestial water, or material reality, the word Maya is very close to the Arabic word for "water"
it is also a name of an ancient pagan civilization

the song is about a woman that long for her lover and that promises him that the future will be better and that they will meet and then she will tell him everything
i could have seen this video before on TV in 2001 but i do not remember that i did
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