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Message Subject what is the meaning of the symbols in this song?
Poster Handle annwar,
Post Content
All your base belong to us.
 Quoting: Jb 68410226

and what is this suppose to mean?
i do not remember or know anything about any base that belong to me
and no one really told me that i have any base or told me anything about any base
therefore i do not understand what you are talking about
who are you? and why/how you took my base? who built this base? and how it become my base? and why no one told me anything about it?

you seem you want to say that you are now victorious over me or something
it is not a real victory to fight someone who are extremely poor, completely alone and completely know nothing about what is happening
it is like beating a lonely blind toddler while he is tied down, then brag about how strong/clever/smart you are lol
playing the role of the victorious in a scripted silly movie were everything that everyone may do must lead to your victory is not a real victory
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