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Revelation - Consciousness sits on top of personality and personality and soul are intertwined. Spirit plays a role also...

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06/20/2021 08:29 PM
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Revelation - Consciousness sits on top of personality and personality and soul are intertwined. Spirit plays a role also...
A revelation I share with the host called GLP...

Definitions -

1. personality - Personality is lower intelligence or mind that moves through a cycle or pattern. The personality can either go along with the pattern or awake from it and choose to either break it or be a willing participant.

2. consciousness - Consciousness is the higher intelligence or higher faculties of mind that controls the personality. It gives personality the ability to recognize willpower patterns/cycles and elects to either go along with the cycle or pattern or break it and choose another cycle or pattern.

3. Soul - Is the force that envigorates both consciousness and pattern while the person is living. We can liken it to blood/semen, or fluids inside the human corpus.

4. Spirit - Is unique and apart from the others as it is an outside force that invades the corpus, and gives life (or death) to the soul. We can liken it to air/breath/Oxygen and the myriads of of "air" we can breathe.

Now, with these working definitions, here is the revelation:

A person, through their personality, is a slave to a pattern/cycle. This kind of person is dead to itself because it has yet to recognize it is moving within a cycle or pattern and/or chooses to remain in it.

If a person elects to break a cycle and free itself, then the consciousness is activated, which empowers the personality, by an act of will, move outside the cycle or pattern. This person is indeed conscious or "woke."

The soul records all this while the person is alive and imprints all recordings into the DNA of the corpus for memory recall later on.

When we die, it is only the personality and all duplicates of experience the soul made into the DNA that is carried post-mortem; soul memory and personality intertwine. This is important because in the realm of the dead you no longer have a spirit to liven up the shell (I will explain what this is later on in the thread) and give it the ability to use all faculties to exercise willpower.

The work is done here in the living to determine where you proceed post-mortem, whether you are stuck in the death chambers to be reborn (reincarnation) or ascend beyond the earthly world.

An example of a cycle or pattern and recognition of said. You work for a company. You go about your daily routine for 30 years. You never chose to break that cycle or pattern. This means you are stuck on a cycle. And this cycle will follow you in death and back into rebirth. Follow?

A magician or someone who has become conscious while alive will recognize as many cycles or patterns its personality moves in and will elect to break them to move into other cycles and patterns. Follow?

This revelation should give you an idea of what beholds you now and after. I tried to keep it concise without dragging it on too long.

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