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What happened to Glenn Greenwald? Trump happened

Anonymous Coward
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United States
06/22/2021 12:21 PM
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What happened to Glenn Greenwald? Trump happened
This from a posting about things happening between liberals, leftists and fake leftists.

"What happened to Glenn Greenwald? Trump happened – and put the left’s priorities to the test"


[link to www.jonathan-cook.net (secure)]

One of the more interesting things picked up by the person who wrote this account of the back and forth between pro and anti-Biden left is this snippet regarding Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald being attacked as being "pro-Trump" when they are anything but...

"Their point is not that the establishment is liberal but rather that it can more credibly market itself as liberal or progressive when a Trump is in power or when it is feared that a Trump might return to power. And that perception weakens truly progressive politics. By donning the garb of liberalism, elites are able to twist the values and objectives of social movements in ways designed to damage them and foster greater social divisions.

A feminism that celebrates women taking all the top jobs at the big arms manufacturers – the corporations whose business is the murder of men, women and children – is not really feminism. It is a perversion of feminism. Similarly, establishment claims to “wokeness” provide cover as western elites internally divide their own societies and dominate or destroy foreign ones."

The article is rather lengthy and covers a lot of ground and is highly informative. Trump, Russiagate, censorship, wokeism... It reads like a high value analysis.