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Putin's 'City-Killer': Russia Launches World's Largest Nuclear-Armed Submarine

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United States
07/02/2021 11:25 PM

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Putin's 'City-Killer': Russia Launches World's Largest Nuclear-Armed Submarine
Now that is Badass!!!

(ZeroHedge) It's being popularly dubbed "Putin's city-killer" - and is also being widely acknowledged as the largest submarine in the world to be built for 30 years: Russian Navy's 'Special Mission' K-329 Belgorod has been put to see for the first time within the past days, undergoing sea trials.

Estimated at 178 meters (584 feet) long and about 15 meters (49 feet) across, it's twice the size of the UK Royal Navy's largest submarines, but more impressively is equipped with AI-guided nuclear tipped underwater drones which according to one prominent Western source are capable of hitting coastal targets lying 6,000 miles away.

[link to www.zerohedge.com (secure)]
Banned again man!!!