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Military Families Can't Find Housing? UNACCEPTABLE.

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United States
07/05/2021 09:58 AM
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Military Families Can't Find Housing? UNACCEPTABLE.
[link to www.militarytimes.com (secure)]

"Service members and their families across the country are feeling the sting of the hot housing market as they move to new duty stations."

"Many are paying out of pocket for longer stays in temporary lodging, waiting longer for on-base housing and paying hundreds of dollars more per month for rentals than their housing allowance covers, if they can even find a rental."

"For many who want to purchase a home, it means offering tens of thousands of dollars above the asking price and bidding against multiple buyers in a fiercely competitive market — and often losing out to higher bidders."

"Service members across the country, from Washington state to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, shared their tales of woe."

“I honestly don’t know what to do at this point,” wrote one soldier. His family hasn’t made their permanent change of station move yet and have decided to push back the pickup of their household goods “with the hope of finding something before we end up homeless,” he wrote.

Did we hear that correctly? An active duty member of our Armed Forces concerned about becoming homeless?

Has anyone here ever experienced the anxiety that accompanies relocating your entire family? I'm guessing many certainly have. But how about the indignity of returning from a deployment overseas with your entire family in tow, following the countless sacrifices and hardships you've endured (for the success of 'the mission'), only to find there's 'no room at the inn.' That you could conceivably BE living in a van down by the river. Or that any appreciable savings you have may still not be enough to even temporarily house your family. This has become a thing.

I'm shaking my head wondering how so many have so much at no expense to themselves, while servicemen and women have become in many cases, second-class citizens. Certainly a reflection of where our leadership's priorities lay. Which in turn is a reflection of what priorities we place emphasis upon as a nation.