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Don't bother seeing the new "Forever Purge" movie

nacho daddy
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07/06/2021 12:41 PM
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Don't bother seeing the new "Forever Purge" movie
If you are not familiar with the Purge series...it is essentially this. One night a year all laws are void for a 12 hour period. No cops, no Fire, no EMS. Murder is legal during this time. The government allows this purge to essentially rid society of the weak.

The past movies show several families, primarily white trying to survive the night.

This one has a white wealthy homeowner in Texas who dislikes Mexicans, yet is apparently force to hire them. As the purge happens, the white family is captured by other white and the Mexican workers save them.

Their only hope is to cross the Mexican border into Mexico, since apparently, the purge is going on forever.

Nothing but white supremacist propaganda. Save your money.