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Subject Why is "Archive" sometimes a censored word
Poster Handle HolloH
Post Content
I cannot seem to type archive sometimes and I don't know why especially because I use the word within the post itself but sometimes it censors it by changing the word to "nope". Here's the two times it did it

"but when I accessed the folder the recording was in a 8gb zip archive that required a password to extract. Unfortunately I did not know the password to it because I never put the recording inside of a passworded nope"

This is the end of a paragraph so nothing comes after nope

"the fact that it also somehow locked itself in an archive didn't really help and I eventually deleted the nope I decided this because after thinking about it"

This was written in the middle of a paragraph

Can anyone explain this or have some type of idea of why it's doing this because I have no clue.
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