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WATCH: Border Bandit Robs Migrants at Gunpoint in Arizona

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United States
07/11/2021 07:11 PM

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WATCH: Border Bandit Robs Migrants at Gunpoint in Arizona
They can't stop the illegals from coming across the border but...they can get crystal clear video of one getting fucking robbed!!!

(Breitbart) Yuma Sector Border Patrol officials released surveillance video showing a border bandit robbing migrants as they attempt to enter illegally into the United States. According to the Border Patrol, the recently released video captured a June incident that captured a group of migrants entering the United States illegally and their encounter with an armed bandit lying in wait.

Infrared security cameras installed and monitored by the Border Patrol captured the armed assault of the migrant group by the bandit. The group of men, women, and children are held at gunpoint and forced to surrender personal belongings. The video shows the migrants complying with the bandits’ orders to surrender bags containing what few belongings they carried.

[link to www.breitbart.com (secure)]
Banned Again Man!!!