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Message Subject WTH? Milwaukee Bucks won NBA Championship in 3rd year!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What I remember is that the Bucks knew they were going to have trouble keeping Alcindor because he was immediately the best player in the league.

That drove them to gamble by getting the Big O to try to get over the top and win a title before Alcindor was able to sign elsewhere as a free agent.

Big O' had a stellar career but few realize...he never won a championship. He lost the NCAA finals and after he left Cincinnati won two in a row. Then he got drafted to Cincinnati's pro team and had a career there but during that stretch, Bill Russell / Cousy etc. dominated NBA ball.

While people dislike Kareem for his political stance, I saw more a smart man who had difficulty with the fame, attention, the freakish size. He may have been politically naive, but he was able to articulate his thinking coherently.

In the twitter age, he has become another bomb-thrower trying to get attention from drama-tweeting.

Anyway...seems like a parallel in the sense the Bucks had the same situation with The Greek Freak....they had to get Middleton, Holiday, Tucker and go all in before Yannis wanted out.

I get why people are down on B-ball and I will not watch the Olympics because of it. But Yannis seems like a decent guy, and kind of cool to see the fans invested in the sport. (Or is that a sign that Milwaukee is boring).
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