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Thank you for the unban and upgrade !


User ID: 79553795
United States
07/23/2021 10:33 PM

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Thank you for the unban and upgrade !
Dear Mods,

Thank you for unbanning me and the upgrade, very kind of you and I do appreciate it.

It has been a brutal 15 months, this site has kept me entertained and allowed me to vent/blow off steam from time to time. Far better then doing some of the things that had crossed my mind.

Money will flow again at some point and while I'm embarrassed to say this, $12 Is actually a crunch right now, it is true. Sad but true. Never thought I could be this poor again.

I have property and vehicles for sell, once they close you bet I will be spending the $12, heck, I might even do something crazy and get the year.

Be well, and thank you.

Ps, if anyone is interested in an 2003 Jag XK8 convertible or ocean front condo in emerald isle NC let me know, as long as the mods don't care I will post the links. Just no freaky stalkerish stuff from the lady folk who are desiring some sexy time with ou8122.

Ps. The ou8122 thing is pretty lame, thinking I should be "sexytimeguy" or "I'mpoor" or "IPFreely"

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