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Message Subject Apparently having covid makes you stupid, any bets on the vax doing it too?
Poster Handle Pugnisher
Post Content

This is a long twitter thread about a study done with recovered covid patients that strongly indicates that the worse a case of covid you've had the more it affects your cognitive abilities.

This study was done exclusively with non long covid sufferers, who are also KNOWN to have a cognitive decline too, that indicates there's likely lasting and long term effects to your intelligence from getting covid and getting over it.

(Almost a full standard deviation if I'm reading it right for severe cases..

Considering the way the vaccines work and what they're known to do to you I'd almost be afraid to test the fully vaccinated and sufferers of long covid. I have a feeling that what we're going to find with them is just as bad or worse.

Even more bad news, it doesn't appear to be slowly fixing itself over time either.

Speaking from my work life I have to say that I'm completely unsurprised by the results as our store's customers have very noticeably become stupider more aggressive and less able to handle something as simple as ordering from a drive thru.
 Quoting: roguetechie81

You may be right, but people are starting to snap due the nonstop bs coming from the government as well. It's a bad combo.
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